Are you dating the right person

22-Mar-2016 06:34

That lost love that got away because the timing wasn’t right. This scenario has probably happened to most people at one point in their lives.

How many times do we hear of couples reuniting at a high school reunion 10-20 years later?

" I often hear this question in my counseling practice. There are two different reasons that people have for wanting to get married: If you feel insecure and alone, you are likely to look for someone who will fill the inner emptiness and give you the love you are seeking.

You may want to find someone who will complete you and make you feel adequate and worthy.

The physical characteristics — height, weight, body type — and the personal characteristics — physically active, a good dancer, a good cook — are important, but they have nothing to do with character.

Timing is everything and sometimes we don’t pay attention to what is obvious and right in front of us.

Our love has always been unabashed, plentiful, and real.

But it's not just the love you feel — it's the openness with which you share it, and in what ways you show up to express it. Yes, at the beginning of a love affair, you're trying to entice and impress each other, but as time goes on there's no need to perform in order to make love last. Real listening means that you throw your own agenda out the window and really absorb what the person is saying, without judgment.

Most of the time, though, we really enjoy each other.

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We have a lot of common interests and really good chemistry.

It reflects the quality of that person's interpersonal skills with everyone, including you.