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12-May-2016 11:45

For almost 10 I have written for men’s magazine Men’s Health, I have the blog about sex and I answer questions from readers on the subject of relation ̆ between sexes.

I have gathered such bright and opened girls in the public chat.

BBC2, with its promise of the kind of saucy European arthouse movies that rarely escaped the scissors of the Irish film censor, would only become available a little later with the advent of cable television.

Compared with the majority of rural viewers, who had to get by with RTE’s sole channel, we were spoiled.

We speak extremely frankly about sex and relations, we test sex toys, we share thrilling stories from personal ̆lives and share life hacks about communication with the opposite sex.

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Recently I have created the official public chat in Viber — “Arina Vintovkina’s Sex chat ̆” that is read by more than 160 thousand subscribers In the articles and columns I often refer to the opinion of girlfriends and friends.

Chat received a lot of popularity due to the possibility of finding friends in a completely random order how to play spin the bottle, from where, and got all the familiar name of the chat roulette.

I was married for ten years, have four beautiful boys under 9 and have a very fulfilling and successful career.… continue reading »

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