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31-Aug-2016 21:32

You've just spent two hours impressing this person, and you've ruined it with your halitosis. Most people are quite happy remaining dry during a kiss.There is nothing more unattractive than kissing someone who smells like stale smoke, garlic or worse. Your tongue should never be long, wet and limp; this person's face should never have a wet upper lip, wet lower lip, wet cheek or wet chin.In addition to the mouth and genitals, there are other places that have a heightened sensation when kissed or touched.Both men and women have the same zones, so when you kiss your boyfriend this way, you're also showing him creative places to kiss you.

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To hit the right moment, make sure you're close to her (sitting or perhaps standing, as you're dropping her off at her place), and then observe her mouth and eyes carefully for one or both of the following signs: if she licks her lips or purses them, she is thinking about kissing you.

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One caution is that some guys will find these areas to be too sensitive or ticklish, so always watch your boyfriends' response for cues that he likes how you are kissing him.

Especially if you are going out on 1st or 2nd date and don't know the girl well. If you're pretty sure she's attracted to you, then she will be receptive to a kiss.

Here's how to know if that new guy you're dating wants to lock lips:1.

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