Pregnant after 2 months dating

30-Jun-2016 01:51

Women report that their first regular menstrual period usually occurs 4 to 6 weeks after a medical abortion and may be heavier, or longer, or in some other way different than normal for them.By the second period after the medical abortion, their cycles should be back to normal.In my opinion you have to listen to your heart in this matter. Im 22 and expecting my first, im in law school atm and it was a really big accomplishment for me, but i dont mind this oregnancy, i feel really attached to my baby already ( 9weeks) and dont mind the fact that i have to change around some life plans :) trust your instincts !

) or am I always going to resent him for putting his family's time with my first baby over my own precious moments in the early days?

So needless to say we ended it a very long time ago and and he basically disappeared. I was with BD for over a year before I got pregnant and that was horrible. But I got pregnant 2 weeks after DH and I met (with our first, we were together for 2 years when I got pregnant with the last baby). We are now expecting our second child together my third baby though. But he is deployed right now and it sucks since I'm pregnant. Then we finally got together & made it official & i got pregnant about 2 months later. It probably would of been a whole lot easier had we of known more about each other before we had a baby.

This isn't exactly the same but I was pregnant when I met SO and we are still together 1 and a half years later and expecting another baby. He knew I was pregnant and has taken on the "daddy" role and has since little man was born. We are happily married now and plan to stay that way forever. Especially since we were/are still young (I was 19 and he was 23), but I wouldn't change it for anything.

I'm unemployed at the moment since I had to move back to my home town after leaving my previous relationship.

The father is defiantly the new guy that I'm with, but we have only been dating for a month.

If you met someone and got pregnant by them within a short time or right away, what was the outcome?

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