Tweetdeck columns not updating

21-Sep-2016 15:31

Even if you only set out to read the most important articles and watch the top videos, you'll never get done.

Just staying up-to-date and informed is a challenge.

I’d still like the ability to show just one — like the regular Twitter app — but this is a welcome improvement.

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In this new roundup, we've added g Reader, Feeder, Reeder, and Panda—and removed Fever, Feed Demon, Pulp, Reader , and Press.

There are plenty of third-party Twitter apps on the Mac to choose from, including Twitter's official app and Tweet Deck.

A lot of people use Tweet Deck, but I can't stand the design.

Today is the day that Tweetbot finally looks great again on the Mac, and here's why you should use it instead of Tweet Deck.

Tweetbot is an app for people who want to get a lot out of their Twitter experience.Instead of checking the 40 websites you follow, you can just open an RSS reader app and see what's new on all of those sites together.